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You might not realize what you're doing, oh, but the thieves are taking notes and thanking you at the same time.

You've worked hard all year to save up your money to purchase something special, you've shopped the stores and purchased the perfect gifts and you even pulled off that surprise of the year for your family or maybe Santa himself surprised you and left you something really big under the tree this year.

Those big items could bring you lots of joy or simply invite a thief into your house to take it away from you. See, if those big and special items or even the little ones, came in any kind of box, how you dispose of that box could mean the difference between you enjoying it and a thief coming to take it away from you to enjoy it for himself.

Breakdown and recycle those boxes.

The Tyler Police Department posted a very informative video on their Facebook page that introduces you to the 'Friendly Neighborhood Thief'. If you leave those huge branded boxes on your curb for the sanitation department to pick up, you're just advertising to the crooks what you have in your home.

Take larger boxes to the recycling center.

Even the smaller branded boxes can be a big clue because if you just throw them away in the trash can without placing them in a bag because the thiefs have no shame and they will open the lid to that green can and have a peek inside.  Here again, they're going to know what's behind your front door, and they may want it for themselves.

Be proactive.

Do yourself a favor and go ahead and break those big boxes down and put the smaller boxes in a non-descript box or trash bag before throwing them into that green can and rolling it to the streets. You can take those larger broken-down boxes to the Tyler Recycling Center on N Bois D'Arc and this way you won't give a clue to the 'Friendly Neighborhood Thief' what you got for Christmas this year.

You might not realize what you're doing, oh, but the thieves are taking notes and thanking you at the same time.

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