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If you're having trouble falling asleep, this could be the trick to help you fall asleep.

Many members of KiddNation aren't receiving the good quality sleep they need to make it through the entire day. Producer Nick is one of these people, even with the assistance of a sleep aid he's still not getting quality sleep that he needs to make it through the day. After discovering sleep meditation and finding some YouTube videos on the subject, Nick has been able to get some good quality sleep lately. Knowing that other members in KiddNation are going through the same struggle, Nick challenged the morning show cast to come up with some creative lines that could be used to create their very own ten minute guided sleep meditation video from KiddNation so that members to use to fall asleep to.

The final project has been completed and is now available on YouTube and below. Give it a play and let us know which part really helped you fall asleep or if it didn't work at all and was just more comical than relaxing! Also, you'll want to really pay attention to J-Si's disclaimer at the beginning and the mention of Big Al

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