The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show always gets excited when animals visit the studio, especially animals that appear on the big screen!

The cast members got to meet one of the stars from the new movie 'A Dogs Way Home', arriving in theaters tomorrow (Friday, January 11th), Shelby. Shelby is the adult dog that plays Bella in the movie and is voiced by Bryce Dallas. The movie is based on the best selling book A Dog's Purpose and also star Ashley Judd.

Along with Shelby, the books author, W. Bruce Cameron, and screenwriter, Cathryn Michon, talked to the cast about the true stories of incredible dogs everywhere and how much you'll be crying druing this movie. They also share special behind the scenes moments from the movie and Big Al gets a kiss from the star of the movie too!

As a tidbit, Shelby was rescued from a junkyard in Tennessee and then trained to star in the movie!

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