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Before introducing us to a new game for the show, Producer Nick reveals what's in Big Al's drawers in the studio!

Producer Nick is calling the new game 'Fact Or Cap'. Seeing how the cast has worked together for so long, he's wanting to see how well they know each other. Each cast member will tell a brief story or statement about themselves and the other members must say if they think it is 'fact' or 'cap'. They'll be playing individually to earn points and after two rounds whoever is in the lead wins.

  • J-Si finds a wallet belonging to an 19 year old, he uses it go get into an 18 and up club while he was under 18.
  • Big Al reveals he met his current girlfriend at a rodeo bar.
  • Kellie tells us about a time she won a car after opening a Coke bottle when she was younger.
  • Justin basically makes a 'your mom joke' to another boy while in middle school.
  • Ana is questioned by TSA for having a knife her backpack.
  • J-Si proposed to a girl in his apartment complex when in the fourth grade.
  • Big Al talks about a psychic's prediction that he'll die by drowning.
  • Kellie's aunt is her grandmother.
  • Justin has had three girlfriends and two boyfriends.
  • Ana tried to join a sorority but missed initiation night because of a Taylor Swift concert.

Play along and learn if those statements are 'Fact Or Cap' in the following best of audio clip.

Listen to "Nick's Game- Cap Or Fact" on Spreaker.

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