Seriously, KFC's famous 11 herbs and spices used to create some awesome fried chicken have been turned into a fire log!

This holiday, you can take your party guests to KFC without actually going to KFC with the KFC Firelog. You and your party guests can be sitting by a warm crackling fire in your fireplace letting the aroma of those famous 11 herbs and spices that KFC uses to fry their chicken fill your home. It only took KFC and Enviro-Log® a couple of months to come up with the perfect blend of 100% recycled materials to pull this off and make your home smell like a KFC restaurant.

The five pound logs are being sold on the KFC website, unfortunately at the time of this posting they are sold out of the fire logs.

KFC points out on their website that by burning this log in your fireplace, you could attract some bears and wildlife along with some hungry neighbors and leave you craving for fried chicken! Although it smells great, you shouldn't attempt to eat the firelog or put your face directly into the fire to attempt to smell fried chicken.

I think this would also make for the perfect white elephant gift exchange gift. Let's hope KFC and Enviro-Log are in the process of producing more of these!

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