The Texas Rangers honored former major league baseball player, Adrian Beltre, Saturday night by retiring his jersey, number 29.

His career spanned 21 years in the major league with eight of those in Texas. I wouldn't say that I'm huge fan. I'm more of a casual baseball fan that finds the stories behind the games and players of interest.

Saturday night, as we were scrolling through television channels my husband and I found ourselves glued to the screen watching this ceremony. While they celebrated his exceptional work on the field, they also reflected on his passion for the game.

He massed over 3,000 hits and 477 homeruns in his career. Throughout the night many former players commented on Beltre's brilliant career stating that they looked forward to seeing him in Cooperstown in five years.

Others commented that he would be a first ballot guy, meaning once he was nominated for the Baseball Hall of Fame, he would be voted in. Even if you are a casual fan like I am, it's hard not to enjoy watching him play. Enjoy these highlights.

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