According to engaged couples fighting before the big day is totally normal. I remember a friend of mine venting about her being concerned that her soon to be husband would be too drunk at the wedding. She was concerned that his buddies would drink so much and have the bar completely empty before the reception. In short, they all were a drunken mess at the wedding, and my friend should have just said "no" to the open bar.

I have always thought that my boyfriend and I would agree on our big day, but after finding out so many couples secretly fight before their wedding, I am officially worried that these things will come up and be an issue for me. Check out the top 4 fights couples have before the big day.

  1. Inviting an Ex to the wedding. This should be a blatant no. However several couples still have their exes as a part of their life. This is a conversation that many couples need to have straight off the bat.
  2.  Honeymoon vs. Wedding Costs. Many times it doesn't come down to how much you spend, rather where you choose to spend your money. Hopefully, you both know if you prefer a nice Honeymoon vs. an extravagant wedding.
  3. Where to tie the knot. This isn't a concern of which venue, more of like what town the venue will be in. His hometown or yours? Compromise is key here, good luck on that.
  4. How much Jesus do you want in your wedding? The question may sound crazy but have you considered the fact that both of you may have completely different ideas of how much religion and tradition you want to be involved in your ceremony. That is a conversation to have before you pick out an officiant.

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