Have you ever typed in the words "Tyler, Texas" in the YouTube search bar? Well, I did and found some awesome videos. There's a bunch of videos of scenes from various concerts, a few fishing videos (no big surprise there), and a few vlogs from high school students and weight lifters.

If you ever get bored or homesick, come back here and watch the five most-viewed Tyler videos on YouTube.

  • 1

    "David Arroyo Police Shootout in Tyler Texas"

    This video of a courtroom shootout in 2005 has over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

  • 2

    "Creek Bass Fishing in Texas"

    These rowdy guys from Lunkers TV rounded themselves up to go on a fishing trip "for any kind of bass" in this 15-minute video. One of the guys fell face first in 3 feet of water! Right now, the video has 668,548 views on YouTube.

  • 3

    "What I Am Not Posting Vids & Come Meet Me In Tyler Texas"

    Chris Jones of the channel, Physiques of Greatness, posted a video ranting and raving about someone who threatened to sue him over his YouTube channel, "Pump Chasers". He does cuss a lot in the video, so consider yourself warned. To date, this video has 207,162 views on YouTube.

  • 4

    "Desciende, Tyler Tx"

    Musician Chris Rocha posted a video of his performance of the canción (song), Desciende. The guitar playing by Rocha is phenomenal, if I do say so myself! This video has 196,992 views on YouTube.

  • 5

    "Another day in Tyler, Tx!"

    His name is Pop, he's going for a ride with his grandson, and Pop has a lot to say about any and everybody and everything. As of right now, this video has 194,565 views on YouTube.

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