When we think of stuff to add to our carry on bags, what do you think of? Necessary medicines, portable gaming system, a book. Those sound very reasonable. For some people, though, they want to carry on something weird or completely unnecessary. Those unnecessary items will get confiscated by the TSA. It's gotten so weird that the TSA has released their Top 10 Catches of 2020.

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Let's start at number ten, a slingshot. It's one of the most simple weapons created but could pack a bit of a wallop. However, someone thought this would be a good idea to pack into their carry on bag. Plus, if you think it's annoying having a kid kick the back of your seat, imagine having on pop up and hit you with a spitball from their slingshot.

Number seven on their list would be a smoke grenade. Hmmm, just the simple fact that it is a grenade should've made someone think twice about adding it to their bag. Maybe they thought they were Batman and would use it to sneak around the plane without anyone seeing them.

This one seems the weirdest of all, sharks in a bottle. I believe their are other ways to add some wildlife to your pond. Grabbing a couple of sharks on your scuba dive and putting them in a bottle is not one those good shipping ideas.

At number five, this cigar must have been really good. It's half finished but the flyer liked it so much that they needed to hide it in some PVC pipe to finish when they got home.

Let's take a look at the full list of Top 10 Catches of 2020 from the TSA below:

TSA Top Ten Catches of 2020

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