Saturday, Bergfeld Park filled with people of all ages for the annual Tyler Komen More Than Pink Walk. 

Walkers arrived early for festivities including a survivors breakfast, and a zumba warm up. The sky was overcast and it looked like rain. Lucky Larry and I were on-site prepared with tents, and ready to greet walkers as they prepared for the event.

As the morning progressed, so did the precipitation. It started with a light mist, increased to a sprinkle, and then the rain began to pour. Thankfully we didn't experience any lightning or severe weather, but we did see a lot of water.

After awhile the rain was coming down in such quantities that water began to pool in one area of our Mix 93-1 tent. To prevent any damage, Lucky Larry decided to reach out and press the tent, causing the water to pour off the edge of the tent.

Before he did, I grabbed my phone, and captured the process in slow motion! The water almost looks unreal as if I had added it in later as some kind of filter. Check it out!

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