After Jimmy Fallon reunited Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie and Mr. Belding I started searching for more on Saved By the Bell. YouTube was pretty helpless, Netflix had all of the episodes and a documentary.

The documentary titled 'The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story' was created by television network lifetime, and claims to tell the story behind the scenes of the popular show starring teen actors.

It aired Labor Day weekend, but I missed it. I checked Netflix, it's a title you can save, but not currently available. It is available on Amazon instant video for $14.99-19.99 and on Blu-Ray.

This television series was a huge part of my childhood. I not only watched most of the episodes when they originally aired on Saturday mornings, but also in syndication after school nearly every weekday.

Sometimes the show was even shown on two networks back to back, so I was able to watch an hour of it after school while grabbing a snack and prolonging the inevitable homework.

It was all we talked about at school, too. The girls were all gaga over Zack or Slater, and all of the boys wanted Kelly Kapowski. Later in life, I learned that it wasn't just elementary age kids like me watching this show. College students were secretly watching it while scarfing cereal, or at least author Chuck Klosterman was.

Something tells me I'll be watching endless hours of this show on Netflix this weekend while playing Sim City.