Finding that perfect gift for new parents is a challenging task to tackle. If you are looking for that unique and creative gift, you could try some of these. Be warned, though, these are the world's most disturbing and crazy baby gifts. 

These "gifts" are truly different than what anyone else might bring, maybe in the wrong way. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these. Who thought of this? Who decided this was OK? Why? I must beg of you to answer, why?!

1. Fetus Paper Weight


Yup, a paper weight jewel looking thing that holds a 3D replica of your growing fetus. Ew. I know those 3D sonograms are all the rage, I guess the people of Tokyo, Japan, wanted to go a step further. The Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic can create one of these little creepy gifts for you for only $1,280. Look, it even comes with a cute little box.

I guess this isn't the worst, but it is pretty disturbing to me.

2. Breast Milk Keepsakes

Having a necklace made from dried breast milk is described by its manufacturer as, "This can be passed down for generations and what a fantastic gift to give to your child, the root of their survival.” This sounds disgusting. No thank you inventor of this breast milk keepsake. I do not consider breast milk to be "liquid gold." I do not want to sound insensitive. Maybe someone out there will think this is a great gift. I don't.

3.  Placenta Teddy Bear

Yes, I saved the most disturbing and gross for last. A teddy bear made from the placenta. It is one thing to hold back vomit when you think about people eating the placenta, this is something far different. This takes the teddy bear down a dark, twisted, and horrifying direction. Why?! Who thought this was at all cute? This seems like something you'd find on the set of a scary movie. This is something a demented killer would create to torture you with before they murdered you in a haunted house.

I guess I have been no real help to those of you on the search for a unique and cute gift. I am sorry I took you down this weird  path through the freak show baby gifts. Or, I could have opened your eyes to the thing you were looking for. No judgment here. But to me, this truly has been an experience in the world's weirdest and most disturbing baby gifts ever.