Times are tough right now for many, even in the resident friendly Texas. Inflation has caused the price of everyday items to skyrocket. Wages are staying the same or going down. Stress level of workers is at an all time high. It's not an ideal situation for anyone in America right now. The above reasons, and many more, are causing residents of both big and large cities to abandon those areas to help make ends meet a little better for them.

Why are people leaving these cities?

There's a whole list of factors to why people are leaving their home. For some, it's as superficial as not liking the weather, there's nothing to do or not liking "the vibe" of the city they're in. But a majority of the people are abandoning these cities because the job market has dried up and/or it's no longer affordable to live there.

24/7 Wall St. went through data from the Census Bureau to find the numbers to back up the statement of the number of people leaving certain cities in the U.S. Two things are not surprising about this list, only two cities are in Texas and a majority of the cities are in either New York or California.

Stats Used to Determine This List

These are some of the factors that went into making this list:

  • Migration In and Out of the City
  • Total Population Change
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Median Home Value
  • Total Population

Using those factors, they were able to determine the 36 cities where the most people have abandoned that city. Let's look at those 36 cities below:

These 36 U.S. Cities, Both Big and Small, are Being Abandoned By Its Residents

The reasons are many but these 36 U.S. cities, both big and small, are losing residents the most.

Gallery Credit: unsplash.com

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