Brookshire's Firefighter Combat Challenge is coming up Oct. 12 to 13 in Tyler, and it will give us a chance to see how we measure up to those beefy firefighting guys. We know there are plenty of in-shape gals that keep us safe from fires too and we appreciate it. They get a workout!

I know for one, I am not good at carrying a heavy fire hose any distance. I get mad when the garden hose gets a kink and won't untangle. Think you can beat the best?

This firefighter fitness competition simulates job-related obstacles, like maneuvering the big fire hose and dragging a dummy. There's a public category that's going to feature two names you may be familiar with - Tyler City Manager Mark McDaniel and Tyler Morning Telegraph Publisher Nelson Clyde. They're both part of the Fit City challenge, and they'll be part of the firefighter combat challenge next week too.

The public competition will be next Saturday, Oct. 13 in the south parking lot at Broadway Square Mall, 4601 S. Broadway Avenue.

The entry fee is $200 per team with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Tyler Firefighters Cancer Awareness Relief Effort. Registration ends Monday.

For more details about the challenge, visit

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