Students are asked to keep their cell phone on silent and locked up in their locker or backpack or risk it being confiscated by school staff then pay a 'ransom' fee to get it returned. That is the policy for a lot of schools around the area.

Cell phones are toxic to the learning environment. They cause too many distractions in the classroom, although the rules are in place, many students don't follow them and end up inadvertently disrupting the class because they forgot to silent their phone that was supposed to be in their locker or backpack. Teacher Mary Garza had her students participate in a little class experiment to show how disruptive cell phone are to the classroom.

Ms. Garza wanted to see just how many times her students would be interrupted during one class period from incoming text messages, alerts from apps, incoming calls and email alerts from all of their phones. She had the students turn their phones on for one class period and anytime a students phone received a text, alert or call they were to go put a tally mark on the chart in front of the classroom.

The results from this one class period experiment were astounding. You can by the picture posted on Joe Becigneul's Facebook page what happened when students left their cell phones on during this one class. This demonstration shows toxic they can be to a classroom.

If you're a student has any of your teachers conducted a classroom test like this? If so, what did the results look like? Let me know in the comment section below.

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