Last week I was dealing with a sore throat, it wasn’t the flu, I didn’t have those symptoms. It was just a sore and scratchy throat that was causing all the issues. I am not one of those guys who needs someone to take care of me when I am dealing with a sore throat, the show must go on. But my wife insisted on bringing me a drink from Starbucks by her work in Tyler, TX known as a ‘Medicine Ball’, I had never heard of it before, but it was amazing for my sore throat. 

My goal is not to create some advertisement for a billion-dollar company, but this drink is exactly what you need if you’re dealing with a sore throat. The drink was delicious, but it also helped make my throat feel better. I’m not a doctor so I cannot tell you that it will make all your symptoms disappear, but if it helped me, I wanted to let you know about it. 

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What’s in the Starbucks Drink That Helps With a Sore Throat? 

I must have been living under a rock because when I Google ‘Medicine Ball drink at Starbucks’ the details on the drink including recipe pops up immediately. It’s a Honey Citrus Mint Tea that is used, mine had peppermint syrup added, it worked great to help my sore throat.  

What’s Your Sore Throat Remedy? 

Do you have a remedy that works for you whenever you’re dealing with a sore throat? If you do, please leave the details in the comment section.  

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