Ask anyone what their favorite show is right now and I'd be willing to bet 75 percent would say Yellowstone on Paramount Network. Its easy to see why, Kevin Costner is a very likable Hollywood actor who plays John Dutton perfectly. Every couple wants the love, devotion and brutal honesty of Rip and Beth. Others can relate to at least one other character on the show or just love the drama and story telling. Fans of the show also love the scenic views shown off during various parts of the episodes. There is a ranch up for sale in the small town of Graham, Texas that can provide some scenic views and put you in a Yellowstone state of mind.

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The Little Town of Graham, Texas

Graham, Texas is located in Young county about an hour and a half west of the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. The town, which sits along the Brazos River, has a population just under 9,000. The area outside the city limits is very rural and offers some very scenic views.

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Waco Bend Ranch

This is where Waco Bend Ranch sits. In total, the ranch is just over 1,000 acres. If you are a hunter, or just a nature lover in general, this property is for you. Wildlife is abundant on the property and there are several miles of nature trails carved throughout the property.

Living on the Ranch

As far as the living quarters, there is the main home with a couple more smaller guest homes on the property. There is also an apartment connected to the arena area. There is no backyard pool but there is a natural pool that would be great for swimming and even an area with a small water fall that goes below the ground.

Yellowstone Vibes

As I describe all of these property features, all I can think of is those relaxing views that are shown in Yellowstone. The property has rolling hills, natural water features and plenty of space to find your ultimate Zen moment. Take a virtual tour of the ranch below and if you want more details on the Waco Bend Ranch, go to

This Graham, Texas Ranch is Perfect to Live Out Your Yellowstone Fantasies

Yellowstone is THE show to watch right now which leads many to dream of having their own Yellowstone type property.

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