Tonight I had the pleasure of watching a high school football game. Before the game began there was a moment of silence for the thirteen U.S. Service Members who were killed earlier this week by a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. The flag was at half staff and the stadium was silent as these two teams were about to go to war. But for just a few seconds we all remembered these heroes who lost their lives. As I was scrolling through social media on the headlines I came across a picture of Bubba's 33 in Longview and their tribute to the fallen heroes and I had to share it with you.

I feel to grateful for the opportunities I had tonight of being able to go watch a sport I enjoy in a free country, we all have so many freedoms because of brave men and women who serve our country. That's why I love what Bubba's 33 decided to do with their tribute.

There is a Table Decorated and Beers Poured for the Fallen Heroes

I've never been to Bubba's 33 in Longview but their address is 200 E Loop 281, in Longview, the reason I know that is because this makes me want to stop by their restaurant tomorrow. Any restaurant that does something like this is a business that I want to support.

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Please Don't Turn This Into a Political Fight

This is all about remembering these heroes and supporting our military. Please don't hit the comment section with your political agenda. Just take a minute and think about the brave men and women who put their life on the line each day to keep make sure we have our freedoms.

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