El Paso, Texas is no stranger to road rage incidents! Every city has drivers that just can’t keep their anger to themselves when it comes to either being cut off on the freeway or being frustrated when someone speeds past you like they're in a Fast & Furious movie!

Well, there’s a way that you can let all that anger out, legally, and it involves smashing a car!!

Local business, Roaring Rage Room, usually provides locals with a place to let out their anger with rooms that let you smash bottles, computers, tires, you name it! I went one time with  my bestie and not only did we let out some anger, it was also a great workout!


Well, the local business is now letting you take out your anger on more than just bottles and computers. Introducing the newest rage-relieving therapy: Car Smashing! 

Picture this: You're handed a sledgehammer, and there it is—your very own target, a car that's just begging to be smashed to bits. Whether it's a sedan, SUV, or even a minivan, you get to unleash your fury on it, guilt-free! (And legally)

Car Smashing isn't just for solo venting sessions; it's perfect for families looking for a unique bonding experience, large groups ready to smash their stress away, or even work teams seeking some unconventional team building! 

Guests will have the option of letting their anger out on an un-smashed car which allows up to 20 people and also includes 100 glass bottles, 4 keyboards, and 3 computer monitors.

If you rather go with a smaller group then a smashed car would be your best option and that includes 50 glass bottles, 3 keyboards, and 3 computer monitors.

If this seems like something you (or someone you know) needs then book online here and trust me, you’ll be glad you did because there’s no better feeling than being able to let out all that pent-up anger and frustration in the most satisfying way possible.

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