I wouldn't say I'm an all-out Grinch, but no, I don't really decorate for the holidays and I don't throw festive parties. Best case, I wear my favorite Christmas sweater and give a handful of 'thoughtful' gifts to friends, family and co-workers.

This year, I found myself in a bind as it was Dec. 23 and I had to send out a bunch of gifts to my friends near and far - but I didn't have time to shop! Since online shopping was a bust by that date, I asked around: what's one of the best things you can gift that only comes from Tyler?

The answer was cookies. Cookies from Sister2Sister Cookies to be exact.

Jason Eisenberg

I thought to myself that's kind of a lazy gift, but I have no choice at this point...

I have never gotten so many responses from friends about a baked good I've sent through the mail (insert weed brownie joke here). Obviously I saved one box for myself, but it didn't last long as I took the cookies and sandwiched them with some Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Moral of the story, if you haven't tried these cookies specially made out of Tyler, Texas - you must hate cookies. If you love cookies and haven't tried them, I apologize for your calorie intake in the coming month.

You can find Sister2Sister off the Loop at 322 E Southeast Loop 323.

Jason Eisenberg

And get me a box of Snickerdoodles while you're at it, please. Believe me, if there is a line, it's sooo worth the wait.