We don’t always think about our TV’s when we’re cleaning up around the house. But they do get dirty and if you want to keep that screen and crisp and cared-for as possible, it might be time.

But what’s the best way to clean your Flat-Screen TV? You want to be careful not to scratch those sensitive materials. For example, LCD and OLED TV’s need to be approached with care so you don’t damage that lovely screen. And if you have a plasma? Very often those have that coating over them to counteract glare and so you want to be just as careful. You want to avoid using any products that contain alcohol or ammonia. In fact, the best tool according to the experts at Consumer Reports may be a simple micro-fiber cloth.

Make sure you turn the TV off before you clean it—maybe go ahead and unplug it. It’s safer and and it’ll be easier to spot smudges. Avoid using paper towels for this job. Get a soft, and dry, cloth preferably made of microfibers. The same type you’d use to clean your glasses. These rags work like magic, I’ve found. Wipe in a circular motion—but be gentle. You don’t need to press very hard.

Another thing to avoid is spraying any liquid directly onto the set. Not only can it be damaging but it may be unsafe for you, as well. If you must use any liquid, keep it very minimal and make sure to wipe dry.

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