Spending time outdoors is a favorite pastime here in Texas. Whether its kids playing outside, working on projects, planting things in the garden. There is something so soothing about being outdoors in nature and soaking up the sun. But there are certain things that everyone must try to avoid when being outside and one of those things would be the always annoying ticks. What you might not realize is that ticks can spread diseases which can be life-threatening or even fatal. 

Ticks in Texas

The last thing I want to do is discourage you from spending time outdoors, because life is more fun when you’re adventuring outside. But I want to make sure you are aware of your surroundings and potential danger that could be around. While ticks seem harmless, they are found everywhere in the country besides in Alaska. But once a tick latches on to you, they create a real headache of a situation. 

What Happens When You Deal with Ticks? 

If you have a tick that starts biting you, if you don’t do something, they can stay attached to a human for multiple days. Obviously, the longer they are attached, the more damage they can do. This can lead to bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other nasty tick-borne diseases. 

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Tick-Borne Illnesses Are Serious Trouble 

Remember as you are spending more time outdoors in Texas, go heavy on the tick repellent. Check yourself and your pets for ticks after spending time outside, if you find one, use tweezers and remove it immediately.  

Here is more information about how serious tick-borne illnesses can be to humans.  

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