Icona Pop's track 'I Love It' might possibly be the catchiest EDM tune we've ever heard. Apparently Tiesto agrees with us seeing as he went right ahead and put his personal spin on the Swedish duo's dance hit.

The DJ told Rolling Stone, "I really liked the song from the first time I heard it. The girls are from Stockholm, so I felt the special connection to make this track for the compilation." The remix will be featured on the upcoming 'Club Life – Volume Three Stockholm,' which is the third installment in his 'Club Life' series. The first two in the series were inspired by Las Vegas and Miami and featured remixes of pop music and EDM tunes alike.

Tiesto remix of 'I Love It' sounds almost like entirely new track, save the very recognizable voices of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. The Dutch DJ explained, "I completely changed the melody of the track. It's an entirely new bassline, melody and a different drop. The drop is very old school Tiësto, it's very melodic and it goes off." If you're gonna re-do something, best make it your own!

Fans can buy 'Club Life – Volume Three Stockholm' when it gets a digital release on June 18. If buying hard copies is your bag, you can pick one up on June 25.

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