October 10th is a pretty great date because 10-10 is so neat and tidy and even, and when you add the year 2020, well, it's going to be over-the-top fantastic for numbers geeks who want to get hitched.  This is why you'd better book the wedding venue now.  

Elitedaily.com says any date with a 2 in it will be a popular wedding date next year, so February is all in.

And the 20th of every month will be popular because dates like 1-20-20 are just too cool to pass up, and anniversaries will be hard to forget.

Also, for those that want to sneak in some math, numbers that add up to twenty will be good wedding dates too, like, 5-15-20.   Or maybe even 8-12-20.  Creative brides and grooms are about to have a heyday.  And maybe some guests will even want to keep a napkin because the date is just so darned scrapbook worthy.

Wedding venues in some cities are already completely booked for Oct. 10, 2020, so you'll have to check around to see if East Texas venues still have openings.  I'm single, and I totally want to book a spot to get married on 10-10-20 on the off chance that I'll have a fiancee by then.  Book it, and he shall come!  If wedding venues around East Texas are all booked up for 10-10-20, there's always the backyard too.  Nobody can stop you from getting married when you want to get married, as long as you have the license and can line up someone certified to perform the ceremony.

And if you're in a big hurry, well, 10-19-19 is pretty cool and that's coming up, and that date falls on a Saturday.  Surely there's time to find a license and some flowers and do this.

If happily ever after starts with good numbers, 2019 and 2020 have plenty of options.  Now, back to the dating apps to find that other half...

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