Billy Ray Cyrus has been pretty vocal, if vague, about the status of his daughter Miley Cyrus' relationship with Liam Hemsworth. The pair have been rumored to be on the rocks, if not all-out split, for months. What's the latest from Papa Cyrus?

Leno asked Billy Ray if Miley and Liam are ever going to actually tie the knot, and it doesn't sound too promising in terms of a wedding, but it appears the actual relationship may not be totally on the outs.

"Probably should ask her that," Cyrus told Leno. "Her and Liam seem to be having a lot of fun right now. I told them, ‘Value your friendship. Take care of your friendship. That piece of paper can change things real quick.’”

Billy Ray has previously said he really isn't sure Cyrus and Hemsworth will ever get married, and it sounds like his stance hasn't changed too much. Perhaps he and Snoop Lion should sit down and have a chat to hash (no pun intended) all of that Miley gossip out once and for all!

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