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  • When you ask someone in these towns if they think they are better than you, the answer is yes.
  • A town full of people who are also full of themselves sounds redundant.
  • Highfalutin means pretentious, pompous, and other words that start with P.

No matter what town you live in, some areas are just a little more upscale. The town as a whole might not be full of snobs, but if you ask anyone there they can point you in the right direction.

In Texas, it seems we have a sixth sense where we just subconsciously know which part of town is the best, and which is the worst. You have to live there and get a feel for the people to find out which is which, but when you know, you know.

You might think that these big-time social climbers wouldn't give you the time of day, but in the end, we are all just a bunch of friendly Texans. They will converse with you, even if it's just to tell you to get off their lawn.

How Do We Determine The Snobiest Cities In Texas? 

You would think that we did a survey that tracked all kinds of data and used a formula to give us the intended results. What we did was just ask ChatGPT and it did all of that for us.

See if you agree with what it came up with. I thought it was strange that it left out some affluent neighborhoods in Austin.

Just living in Austin automatically makes you not a snob according to ChatGPT.

10 of the Snobbiest Cities in Texas

If you're looking for the upper-class or snobby areas in the state of Texas here are the areas you should know about.

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Worst Places to Live in Texas for 2023

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