Ladies, aren't you tired of investing time and energy into a guy only to find out he is a complete d-bag. Well I am here to assist you in your quest for love. Next time you are out at the bar or club with your girls you will be better prepared and know all the warning signs. I know that every time I am out, the freaks just seem to drawn to me like polar opposites. In all honesty I have given up on that scene for finding a suitable mate.

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    No Eye Contact

    We don't trust a man who can't look us in the eye. There is just something very creepy when my chest seems to be the center of attention. If you run into this stage 5 d-bag we suggest excusing yourself to the bathroom and avoiding him like the plague for the remainder of the evening.

    justj0000lie, Flickr
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    Very Touchy Feely

    We have all been stuck talking with this type before. They feel the need to always have a hand on your body like they are longing for physical contact. Another characteristic is that they want to share all their feelings with you because you have the "most beautiful smile" and "take their breath away".

    JillyJelly, Flickr
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    Suffocating Amount of Cologne

    If you can smell him from 10 feet away, he is wearing too much cologne. We have noticed it usually is some variation of the Axe body spray. It is called taking a shower and if he can't figure it that out you definately don't want to get close to this guy. It is a pretty sure bet in this case that he will be munching on some gum to cover up some nasty breath!

    A. Strakey, Flickr
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    Calls You "Baby"

    "Beautiful", "Sexy", "Baby", and "Babe" are all names we have been called before. We don't find it cute or endearing. It is just ignorant, if he is going to try to get close he better memorize your name. Names are very important and if he can't figure that out then go on and refer to him as a "Loser", "Hopeless", or "Jackass".

    Michael Saffle, Flickr
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    He Wears Affliction

    Don't get your panties in a twist. Affliction can be wore by normal fun guys but, in our experience at bars the brand is sported by egocentric gym rats. Also, the shirt is skin tight, like they need to everyone to know that hey spend 3 hours EVERYDAY doing sit-ups. These guys are only in love with themselves.

    luello, Flickr