A parent's worst nightmare nearly came true in the Baton Rouge area when a tree fell on the family home right above where they just put their baby boy down to sleep for the night.

This story is from Praireville, just south of Baton Rouge. The baby monitor video catches the moment when a tree crashes through the roof of the home sending debris falling onto the 5-month-old baby boy.

You can see the moment in this report from ABC7:

By the grace of God, baby Cannon was not hurt at all. He's ok. But the home suffered heavy damage.

Courtney and Kale Buchholtz are also lucky to be alive. This was a monster tree and it cut the home in two. But neighbors jumped into high gear and cut the big tree off the home and helped get the mess cleaned up. Now the Buchholtz' will have to make the repairs and start over. That's something they have faced before. Their home was heavily damaged in the 2016 floods in Baton Rouge.

The family tells WBRZ a house is just a house, It can be replaced. They are so grateful no one was hurt.


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