It's time to perk up your average old Tuesday with Part Time Justin.

Being one of the youngest cast members on the show, Part Time Justin has a bit of a higher tolerance when it comes to alcohol and he's always about trying new drinks and mixing them together to create new ones.

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Today he introduces us to a drink he's calling the 'Breakfast Shot', which he believes is the perfect drink for brunch. He tops off this drink with the perfect breakfast garnish, a crispy strip of bacon! Get the full recipe below.

PTJ also introduces the cast to a new silly game where the objective is to talk without using words, simply make noises while someone else tries to guess what you're saying. Now, if you laugh during your turn, you lose. While listening to this game play out, we bet you just can't help but laugh! We're not sure we know exactly what's going on, but it ends up being pretty funny.

Listen to "Turn Up Tuesday- A Very PTJ Game!" on Spreaker.

Breakfast Shot
1 oz. whiskey
1 oz. orange juice
1 oz. butterscotch schnapps
dash of maple syrup
finish off with a crispy strip of bacon

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