It goes without saying that these video are going to not be appropriate for all ages. Really no one should watch these. But, twerking is everywhere. Seems like everyone is doing it. Is everyone doing it well, though? Nope. No, they are not.

Hopefully the twerking trend will fade as quickly as the Macarena. It will slowly be left to reside the shadows of bad dancers at a wedding reception. For now, we must live with the twerk.

Might as well poke some fun as those that are just doing it completely wrong.

Well, that just happened. What people did not realize until today is that twerking can be very dangerous.

This poor girl will forever be the "I caught myself on fire trying to twerk for the camera" girl.

But, she won't be alone in the twerk hall of shame. Here are a handful of her internet embarrassment friends.

And, let's not forget the queen of twerk regret.

Miley, please keep your tongue in your mouth and leave the twerking for the professionals. Like these girls?


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