There is just something special about East Texas, around here when you see someone struggling you see neighbors and the whole community doing what they can to assist those in need. And this weekend there is one food truck and one restaurant that will each be hosting benefit events after dealing with fire related situations. 

I found both of these events by scrolling through social media and seeing other East Texans helping to spread the word, so I wanted to help out too. One event will take place on Friday evening and the other will be on Saturday evening so you can support both events if you have time this weekend. 

Friday Night Benefit Event Details 

The event on Friday will be hosted by the food truck DJ’s Kitchen (Jamie Doran & Deanna Harris) located at 200 CR 3801 in Bullard, TX. It’s the normal location for their food truck and proceeds will go to benefit Tacos El Guero Gil. Mr Jimenez and his family owned the Taco El Guero Gil food truck and there was a fire that eliminated their business. They will be selling plates of food for $10 with proceeds going to the Jimenez family to cover the cost of a new trailer. The food choices will be 3 different choices of loaded fries, pulled pork sandwich with fries, or chicken nuggets and fries. 

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Saturday Night Benefit Event Details 

The Saturday event will be for those dealing with loss from the fire that took place on West Phillips Street in Tyler, Texas on the morning of Friday, July 8th. Two people lost their lives, there were five apartments that went up in flames. One of the residents who lost everything is lovely referred to as “Mama Ruby” who works at East Texas Smoke Monkey on Hwy 155 in Flint, TX. This benefit will go to replace everything she lost and assist others affected by the fire. Any additional resources will be donated to a local homeless shelter in Tyler, TX.  

The Saturday event is set to run from 4 or 5pm until 9pm with more than 6 musicians all helping out. There will be food specials and if you want to donate, you’re more than encouraged to bring clothing, toiletries, or cash.  

This is just great local businesses trying to help those in need. Anything you can do to support these great causes is very much appreciated. We are wishing nothing but the best for both events this weekend. 

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