We all strive to as happy as we can be in the state of Texas.

There are plenty of ways for one to find happiness in the Lone Star State. It could be going to one of the favorite places to unwind, or a Texan having their favorite thing to eat. There's simply too many to discuss.

When everybody is happy, it's just a good feeling for everyone all around. So the more happy people, the more the chance of people getting along and just overall well being higher. But there are certain places in the state that are happier than others.

Data has recently come out showing where the most joy can be found in the Lone Star State. These two cities might have a bigger smile on their faces because of it too!

The Two Biggest Happiest Cities In Texas

So where does the data come from that determines this? Well, none other than Wallet Hub is providing the information needed. There were three major factors used.

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The factors were as follows:

- Emotional & Physical Well-Being
- Income & Employment
- Community & Environment

So with these three items needed to determine the cities, which two made it into the top 100? Well, checking in at number 35 on the list was Plano, Texas. Number 66 is very familiar to everyone in the state, as it's the state capital, Austin!

While some might be disheartened that their city, many still made the top 200. Cities like Garland, Dallas, and Laredo, just to name a few, were placed in the rankings. So, it looks like we can find happiness all around Texas!

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