It's something my wife and I have been tossing around lately, staying local but still getting away. Here's the thing, packing and traveling is difficult. And if you've got kids to pack and travel, well, that's a difficulty multiplier. And we've got three of them. So why not load up in the car or truck or SUV, and head down the road a few minutes?

Did you know that there are so many wonderful Airbnbs right here in East Texas? And each of them come with the convenience of proximity. So when your kid forgets their favorite stuffy, you can run home, grab it, and be back in no time flat. That's right, could you even imagine a world where a forgotten stuffy is a non-issue?

And isn't that what a getaway is all about? Relaxing? Let's remove some of that stressful red tape of travel and find a nice getaway right here in East Texas, I can't lie, guys, this really feels like the most logical discussion my wife and I have ever had, it's a real game-changer.

That takes us to the Gorgeous Barn on Evergreen Acres, sleeping 6 guests, and complete with 2 bedrooms, 4 beds, and 2 baths this is a perfect getaway without having to get too faraway.

Welcome to the “The Barn”. This uniquely built barn boasts rustic luxury with barn wood accents, custom one-of-a-kind fixtures and other accents to favor your ultimate comfort. Relax by the pool overlooking the piney woods where wildlife abounds or sit by the fire outdoors. Let the beauty and serenity of nature take the stress of day to day life away.

Preview Tyler's Gorgeous & Affordable Barn on Evergreen Acres

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