Now I'm not going to start a debate on whether flu shots hurt or help. I have my opinions and you will have yours. But it is important to know that Walgreens Flu Index shows that East Texas has the "highest incidence of flu" nationwide over the last week.

While Tyler is at the top of the list, most of East Texas is in the top 10 including Beaumont, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth regions.

Walgreens Flu Index
Walgreens Flu Index

CBS19 reports that the flu is much more common this time of year as millions of people travel over the holidays - sadly, not everyone washes their hands when they're supposed to ;-).

Texas as a state has the most cases of the flu with our neighbors in Arkansas close behind in second. Whether you got a shot or not, make sure you and your family are doing what you can to stay clean and healthy. Wash your hands, stay warm, cover your mouth when coughing.

CBS19 also reported three people from Dallas County have died from the flu so far.

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