The Tyler Animal Shelter is looking to upgrade their facility's lobby and animal adoption 'get acquainted' rooms.

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When Tyler's Animal Shelter and Animal Control Department opened their new facility on Chandler Hwy. in 2017 they had created special rooms called 'get acquainted' rooms. These rooms are used by visitors that are being reunited with a lost pet or by someone who is getting to know an animal before adopting them. It gives the adopter some alone time with their possible new friend so that they can get to know each other and learn a little about their personality away from the distractions of other animals in the shelter.

Tyler Animal Shelter employees are looking to freshen up this area of their facility by turning to the public for a little assistance. They are asking local artists to help transform these rooms, along with the facility's lobby, with new artwork replacing the bland paint job that currently exists. Artists of any age can submit designs and artwork to be considered for a mural on the walls of the shelter lobby along with the get acquainted rooms. Artists are encouraged to submit their vision for the lobby mural and get acquainted rooms by January 31, 2021. All artwork can be digitally submitted through the Tyler Animal Services website.

If you're interested in possibly having a mural you've envisioned painted on the wall of the facility, please check the website for all of the submission criteria and important details.

The Tyler Animal Services building sees a lot of traffic, in 2019, the facility adopted 482 pets, 492 pets were reunited with their owners, 110 were transferred to rescue organizations and 1172 microchip placements were carried out.

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