Tylerites are encouraged to recycle using the city's curbside recycling service. The service has been around since 1999 with Tyler's Solid Waste Department making the weekly residential curb side pick ups around the city. The city recently included a brochure in residents' water bills explaining the program.

The program is a subscription-based program that is billed through the customer's water bill. Since the program's inception in 1999, the cost has actually GONE DOWN! It now will cost residents an additional $2.50 per month to participate, thanks to the help of semi-automated trucks and the orange top containers that the city supplies.

"This is an easy way for Tyler residents to participate in recycling. There is no separating, no sorting. The city provides the cart and the cost is very reasonable," Phyllis Carlyle, board chair of the Keep Tyler Beautiful campaign, said in a news release.

The collection happens twice a month and you can recycle items, including: Steel/tin trash cans, newspapers and magazines, aluminum cans, cardboard and certain types of plastics. Glass is not accepted.

It's easy to sign up; you can do so online at tylerrecylces.com or simply call the Solid Waste Department at 903-531-1388

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