It has become so easy to complain about the traffic in Tyler, it's almost not worth bringing up anymore. It's simply understood now.

But there's a new epidemic among Tyler drivers: the inability to park.

I was pulling up to Starbucks on South Broadway Ave. this morning when I noticed the car you see pictured above. As I pulled into my parking spot, I looked to see if anyone was in the car, perhaps talking on their phone, talking to someone on the other side of the car or just sitting there for a moment before driving off.


The car was off, no one inside. This car was parked. At Starbucks. During rush hour.

Consideration is a big deal when driving, especially here in Texas. But more importantly, that consideration should carry over into the parking lot.

Tyler's a crowded place, y'all. We've got backed up traffic all the time, super slow speed limits, more medians you can imagine and a red light at any intersection that really doesn't need one.

But more frustrating than all of that are the people who can't take the seven-and-a-half seconds to park properly.

I might have had a sliver of understanding had this person parked their Bentley, Ferrari or 1967 Shelby GT 500 like this -- across three parking spaces right in front of the door at Starbucks. All that would do is inflate the luxury car owner's arrogance, but there's no reason for this.

Even more disturbing is this isn't unusual in Tyler (and probably most other places, but I live here). As you'll see below, Tyler has a huge parking problem.

Learn how to park, people. Otherwise people like me are going to take your picture.

And yes, all of these pictures were taken in Tyler.

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