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We just can't get enough of those burgers and breakfast that's served up from the building with the orange and white stripes!

East Texans, Tylerites in particular, are going to enjoy the convenience of another Whataburger restaurant. A new Whataburger is being built on S. Broadway on the southeast corner of the Broadway Square Mall parking lot. It will be in the far corner of the parking lot opposite the AT&T store as a stand-alone building and not attached to the mall.

Driving past the mall the past couple of weeks I began seeing signs of some kind of construction but wasn't sure what was going on until the temporary sign went up. When I learned it was going to be a Whataburger, I immediately wondered what it means for the current Whataburger on Loop 323 across from the mall on the north side. These locations seem really close together to me, however, after thinking about it, they're going to catch traffic from different directions so having both of them might be ok. Only time will tell though. At this point, we'll be excited that we have another location for Whataburger!

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1
Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Speaking of a new Whataburger coming to Tyler, there are new items coming to the menu and the return of some favorites too.

Among the favorites coming back for a limited time is the Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger and the new Whataburger Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger. That beef patty or chicken filet is topped off with bacon, American cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, mayo and roasted Hatch green chilies. It's only here for a short time though.

Another favorite coming back is the Whataburger Breakfast Burger. This one is for the night owls. It's a beef patty, bacon, egg, hash browns, American cheese and creamy pepper sauce and it too is here for a limited time and is only served during breakfast hours, which are 11 p.m. to 11 a.m.

As far as new on the Whataburger menu, it's the chocolate mint shake. Sipping this shake through that orange and white striped straw will have you ringing in the holidays in your mind and it's here for a limited time too.

All of these sound appetizing, I would be a happier man if I could get biscuits and gravy with a side of crispy bacon any time of the day!

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The items are available year round, but make sure you're grabbing breakfast items and lunch items during those respective times.

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