“If you have trouble keeping your preschooler out of his superhero cape or convincing your granddaughter to shed her princess tiara, or if you just can’t bear to wear your costume only one day of the month, put on your dress-up clothes and head to the Tyler Public Library!"  Those are the words of Tyler Public Library's programming associate Evelyn McLane on the "Dressed To Read" event currently going on at the library.

So if you are one that likes to play dress up anytime, then head to the library dressed in your favorite costume, character, outrageous hat or even slippers and receive a free used book!  When you show up you'll get to choose a book from a special collection in the library book nook - a special service offered from the Tyler Public Library where they offer low-cost books for sale and then there are others that have been read, re-read and re-read again and agina and have become gently used.  In addition you'll be able to choose from other books that have been donated to the library or taken off the library shelves.

To get you book just show up in an appropriate costume for all ages during normal library hours now through October 31st.  You can find the Tyler Public Library at 201 S. College in downtown Tyler and is open:

Monday 9a - 6p
Tuesday 10a - 7p
Wednesday 9a - 6p
Thursday 10a - 7p
Friday 9a - 5p
Saturday 10a - 5p
Sunday 1p - 5p

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