It's like a scene pulled right out the beginning of a video game or movie, but it happened in real life and unfolded on TV in Denver last week. The silent video from the helicopter is astonishing, unbelievable and down right scary. The suspect, Ryan Stone, was evading the police because he was wanted on drug charges and managed to lead police on a chase through Denver and managed to carjack three different vehicles.

The video begins with him stopping a stolen vehicle on the highway to carjack a new ride, he then goes the wrong way on the highway, speeds through city streets and eventually crashes into several other cars at an intersection then he fled on foot. Cops were able to catch up with him when he couldn't make the leap over a fence.

The only reported injury in the whole unbelievable ordeal was to a patrolman when he threw out a set of spike strips.

The only way to see this wild video that seems like an action scene from a movie is to check it out for yourself below.