The holiday season is fast approaching. If you didn't do any dieting before it will be almost pointless now (better luck next year). Thanksgiving holds a special place in everyone's heart, we all have our own traditions and our grandma's make the world's best "____". In the spirit of the turkey day we have assembled a list of stuffing (known to some as 'dressing') recipes that are a little off the wall.


    Vegan (Animal Product Free)

    Are you feeling more in touch with mother earth lately? Or maybe you have a crazy hippie aunt coming for your turkey day feast. Either way you can check out this unique vegan stuffing recipe. The ingredients seem pretty savory especially when you throw the roasted chestnuts into the mix.

    • roasted chestnuts
    • wild rice
    • olive oil
    • shallots
    • fresh cranberries


  • Buddha1098, Flickr


    Nothing could get easier and simpler than meatloaf. We love this dish because you mix it all up in a bowl and throw it in the oven. No need to spend hours slaving over a hot stove. Enjoy you day off work and rest up for all those Black Friday deals. Here is a rundown of the main ingredients.

    • Ground Turkey
    • Celery
    • Onion
    • Stuffing Mix
    • Chicken Stock

  • fisher71, Flickr


    This recipe sounds pretty amazing. We came across it in our quest for the unusual but delicious stuffing recipes. Dave deserves a high-five for taking the time to share his family secret recipe with the world.

    • Box of Cheez-Its
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Butter

      "First, take the box of Cheez-its and open it up. Remove the plastic bag that is filled with the delicious bits of baked cheese and cut open the top. Take a minute to breathe in the scent. Once you have properly smelled the cheese, look in the empty cardboard box around the side to see if you are in instant winner. If so, please send me the box. Pour the Cheez-its into a large Ziploc freezer bag and seal the bag shut."



    This one might be on the edge of cheat on our list. Technically it isn't a recipe for a type of stuffing but it is a way to use up all those leftovers. This pizza would be a perfect quick lunch for the kids while they are off of school. You might actually pull off 'super mom' or 'super dad' with this quick thrown together meal.  

    • biscuit dough
    • gravy
    • mashed potatoes
    • stuffing
    • turkey
    • cheddar cheese

  • joshgoleman, Flickr


    It's American thanksgiving and there is not reason not to make a stuffing with hamburgers. Every family has their own traditions but we think that maybe it's time to switch up things. Seriously though, this might give you a heart attack (if grandma's gravy doesn't do you in first).  

    • hamburgers
    • celery
    • thyme
    • sage
    • black pepper
    • chicken broth