There are so many proud pet owners here in Texas. I’m fortunate to be one of those people with two furry family members at home, my dogs Cooper and Gypsy. They truly make every day better and it’s been that way since they adopted us. Yeah, I like to say they adopted us because they show us unconditional love each day so we are the fortunate ones. But time is running out for some animals at the Smith County Animal Control and Shelter as some of them could be euthanized if they aren’t adopted soon. 

Texas Pet Adoptions

The post was made on social media just yesterday that the call to action is URGENT. The shelter is heavily overpopulated and with more dogs to care for time is running out. It’s not fair for these precious animals to lose their life, they have done nothing wrong, they just need a loving family to care about them.  

Save a Life TODAY in East Texas 

As you scroll down, you’re going to see over a dozen animals that would love to be your companion and show you every day that they care about you. They will bring so much joy to your life, you just have to open your heart and let them in.  

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Let’s See Who You’re Going to Rescue 

It’s time to look at all the amazing animals that are waiting to be rescued from the Smith County Animal Control and Shelter. If you’re ready to adopt, their located at 322 E Ferguson St., Tyler, TX. The phone number to their office is 903-266-4303. 

Dogs That Need to Be Rescued Immediately in Tyler, Texas (June 2024)

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