Guys, here's the thing, whether your lady tells you or not - she wants you to spoil her on Valentine's Day.

I know, I know, you think it's a made up holiday conspired by the greeting card companies and candy makers... but why not spoil her anyway?

Life is sweeter when your other half is happier, and this an opportunity to hit a home run. Whether it's flowers, jewelry, a special dinner out or this themed drink from Starbucks, going above and beyond will be a positive thing. Trust me on this one.

Get over your frustration with society, and do something that will make her feel special. That's really all she wants, and here's a pro tip. Send the flowers. I know you think that delivering them yourself is romantic, and it is... but she really wants to brag on you in front of her co-workers, so call the florist and have them delivered.

Bonus points to the men who also pick up a bouquet and have them for her at home, so she can leave florist delivery at work all week.

Not sure what she would like, ask a friend! Seriously, this is a great source of untapped information. Besties love to dish to their friends husbands on what to get their friends. You might even hear the friend say, "I wish my husband was so thoughtful!"

She could be the chillest girl in the world, and tell you she doesn't want anything at all for Valentine's Day. She doesn't want to be high maintenance. Treat this day as an opportunity to show her how much you care.

Make dinner reservations ahead of time. Whether you're celebrating on Wednesday, Feb. 14, this weekend or next, it's wise to make the reservation in advance. Plan the day, and make her feel special.

You've probably got three to four days each year that this important, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, your anniversary and her birthday. Take advantage of this time to show her just how much you care. She will notice.

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