Hey Kilgore, Texas and East Texas friends, could you take a moment and see if you recognize anyone in this video?

Or even if you have any information regarding this case, please reach out to the Kilgore Police Department.

Back on February 7, two individuals walked into the Atwood's location in Kilgore and participated in the theft of a bicycle. As you'll see in the video below, it would appear that each of the persons of interest suspected in this case made purchases inside the store.

One of the suspects stole a bicycle from the back of a gray pickup in the Atwoods Parking Lot.

Once the video surveillance moves outside, you'll watch "Suspect #1" who appears to be a white male, take a bicycle out of the back of a gray pickup truck, and then quickly scurry to hide his stolen prize in the back of his own vehicle, which appears to be a magenta or reddish SUV.

Unlike some of the other surveillance videos we've seen from other stores, the quality of this one is quite good. So there's a chance you may actually be able to recognize one or both of these persons of interest.


Here's the full video for you to peruse.

If you do recognize these individuals or have any information regarding this case please reach out to Detective Joshua Sims at 903-218-6907 or, if you'd rather, send him an email at Joshua.Sims@cityofkilgore.com.

As always, suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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