As the summer approaches, everybody is going back outside and along with hotter temperatures come "hotter emotions". A lot of folks don't know how to de-escalate a situation and work through disagreements without things getting physical unfortunately and we have one such case here with a wild video of a Texas park ranger getting physical with a park manager.

Jan Barstow, the president and manager of Windy Point Park which has been privately owned by her family for more than 50 years was the person getting slammed in the video.

According to KXAN, Windy Point is right next to the Travis County-owned Bob Wentz Park. This all started with a disagreement over whether or not guests could use the Windy Point easement at Bob Wentz Park. Barstow said patrons at Windy Point can’t use the facilities at Bob Wentz, but they can use the water-access points at her park even if they paid fees to the county owned park.

She claims the confrontation with the park ranger began when he incorrectly told her guests to leave.

Jamien Green
Jamien Green

In cell phone video, she shows her discussion with the officer. The officer tells her to leave, and Barstow says she's planning to leave. Barstow said he then grabbed her wrist and shoved her against the car. Then, she was face down in the sand.

Barstow says she had stitches in her hand, a twisted wrist, bruises on different parts of her body, and eating was hard because of her jaw.

KXAN YouTube
KXAN YouTube

A spokesperson for Travis County Parks confirms that an incident did happen at Bob Wentz Park, and they're investigating. They say charges are pending against Barstow, but they did not say what those charges are. Barstow says she plans to file a lawsuit, but it's still to be decided which entities it will be against. There's no word on whether or not the park ranger will be disciplined or reprimanded and Travis County Parks, when asked about "easement" rules didn't provide a clear answer. Their website reads, "all trailered or motorized watercraft must be launched at designated boat ramps or boat launch areas only."

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