Crime never sleeps and the same can be said about that here in East Texas. Having worked the night shift at a convenience store before, I know first hand how nervous a clerk can be during those hours because the only thing lurking around most of the time during those hours are the worst of the worst looking for something to get into. Unfortunately, police in Marshall are dealing with this kind of thing and Crime Stoppers is asking for your help.

The Incident Took Place At A CEFCO Gas Station In Marshall.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Last Friday September 23rd, according to a post on Facebook by the Marshall Harrison County Crime Stoppers, an aggravated robbery was reported at a business in the 200 block of E. Pinecrest Dr at 3:21 AM. Based on watching the video below, we determined that it was at the Cefco on Pinecrest and the robber picked a rather difficult way of concealing their identity.

Take A Look At The Video Below...

Based on what we see in the video, the suspect comes from the side or from behind the store wearing what looks to be a plastic bag tied around his head with holes cut out so they can see and breathe, waving a gun towards the clerk.

Clearly in a panicked state (not to mention its gotta be hard to SEE anything with a bag on your head) he turns around and checks the store for any bystanders while waving his gun wildly.

The Baghead Bandit Is Also Seen Wearing Gloves

Marshall Harrison Crime Stoppers/Canva
Marshall Harrison Crime Stoppers/Canva

After the store clerk follows the robbers demands he quickly runs out the door and out into the night. If you have any information about this crime please contact Marshall PD at 903-935-4575 or if you wish to remain anonymous, Crimestoppers at 903-935-9969.

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