I’m not sure how I feel about visiting a fast-food location that doesn’t have any employees available to assist you getting your food. But no matter my feelings, that is the way of the future as there is a McDonald’s restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas that is already completely automated, it’s the first one ever. 

There is a video that is getting lots of attention online that shows how simple the process seems to go. The video is short, only about 47 seconds long, so I do still wonder how long the entire process took from ordering the food to having the food released to the customer in the drive thru line. The person in the video seemed very happy with the experience and everything seemed to work very smoothly. 

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There Are Still Humans Working at McDonald’s 

I’m sure there will be a time soon that humans won’t be needed to grab a quick meal, but as this is the first of its kind, they are still working out the issues. Which is why there are still humans working but they have limited interaction with the guests. I’m guessing they will also be able to fix any issues with the automation system. 

This Solves the Hiring Issue that Restaurants are Having Currently

While I hate that computers and robots are taking jobs, the fact of the matter is that there aren’t enough people that want to work jobs such as McDonald’s so turning to robots and automation is going to help with the hiring issue.  

Next time you’re in Fort Worth, will you stop at the new and first ever automated McDonald’s restaurant? 

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