Chloe Malle, Social Editor at Vogue, goes into detail describing how to best use one's manners in the modern age.

Should you text at the table, is it appropriate to take a selfie at dinner, and when is it okay to start chowing down? The answer to these important dinner questions are answered in the video above.

1. If you must take a selfie, do it in the bar before you sit down to dinner.

2. Tardiness. Friends typically understand if you are a few minutes late, but if you are meeting someone for work, be on time.  If you're meeting the boss, be early.

3. When you greet people, know your audience and appropriately hug, shake their hand or kiss their cheek.

4. When should you begin to eat? As long as two people have been served, you can begin.

5. When finished with your meal, place your utensils side by side on the plate to signal to the wait staff that you've finished.

6. It's best to excuse yourself to the ladies room when your meal is complete, but if you must go before, then go between courses.

7. Texting and emailing are only appropriate when your dinner partner has excused themselves to go to the restroom.

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