ABC 13 and virtually every news source reported on Thursday that Walmart will give their employees a raise to $11 per hour with a one-time pay bonus of up to $1,000. They are also expanding their maternity and parental leave benefits and even provide financial assistance to employees who would like to adopt children per the company.

The announcement was made via Twitter and this move will take place in February. It could affect more than one million US Walmart employees. To be clear, the one-time bonus varies between $200-$1,000 and will be given to employees who haven’t received a pay raise based upon length of service - employees of 20 years of service would qualify for $1,000.

The raise also comes with a price. Yahoo News reported various Sam’s Club locations (63 total) will be closing their doors around the country including four in Texas. Walmart said Sam’s employees affected by the closures will receive the bonus, 60 days of pay and potentially additional severance.

Sam’s Club president John Furner said in a statement:

Change is never easy, but we're making these decisions as part of running a healthy business.

Walmart employs 2.3 million people around the world, with 1.5 million in the United States.

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