Whatever one's particular views, political or otherwise, many engaged citizens want to take steps whenever possible to change the world for the good. I don't know about you, but every now when I stop and ponder the myriad challenges we are facing on a global scale, I can get a bit overwhelmed. Sometimes, it can be a bit emotionally exhausting. It can almost make one tempted to give up and say "well, what can I really do. These problems/issues are above my pay grade." I get that feeling.

Perhaps you and I can't single-handedly cause cosmic shifts. But really, no one individual can--not even the Elon Musks, Richard Bransons, or those in the highest echelons of our society. It takes cooperation. It takes at least a small group of committed citizens working together toward making a change. Yeah, we could march over the power-centers of the world and make demands, and there are good reasons to do so sometimes.

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When it comes to everyday change, very often we are tempted to primarily focus on the major headlines, highest offices, and most tweeted issues. Meanwhile, our local communities, governments, and institutions may very well be the most achievable places for you and me to seek change. And very often? These local and smaller scale areas end up being somewhat ignored by many of us. I'm guilty of this, for sure.

We are more familiar with our own communities. Many of us have friendships or direct access to people who help influence real change. Perhaps we could nurture those relationships and seek to connect with these people here on our local level.

Want to see changes in the school system? Maybe you have a concern about crime in your neighborhood. Maybe you have an idea that could benefit not only you but many people in your area. What could you and I do to reach out and be a catalyst for change right here at home?

Whether large or small, it doesn't matter. Even the smallest changes can add up to have a dramatic effect on those around us. These smaller changes, when they happen all around your local communities--can lead to huge differences. Just imagine if communities all around our state, and our nation as a whole, all began to focus on making positive changes in their communities all over.

That would begin to add up to some pretty big changes. In fact, very often these tides that sweep through and gain traction on the local level may very well get swept up and become a part of the larger conversation. They then can and very often do, change the world.

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